Who We Are

We are a small team of Determined Women that specialize in taxes, bookkeeping and having fun.

In her 15th year with Canada Revenue Agency, CEO Kelly Rust made the big decision to retire her career with the agency and help her fellow Canadians by starting her own tax practice. She saw the lack and need for quality tax advisors outside her corporate world and recognized her calling. She jumped. And in 2018, SheDo Tax was born.

CEO, Kelly Rust

Its no secret that Kelly has always struggled with the idea of working for someone else. Over the years, she had a successful career with CRA on the outside, but on the inside, she knew she was born to get back to her roots as an entrepreneur.

At age 20, she owned her first business, and was successful in turning it from a sole proprietorship into a partnership which sold for profit 10 years later. After selling her first company, she focused on her career while dabbling in real estate and to date, owns multiple rental homes in Hamilton and the surrounding area. She has also mastered the art of self directing her other investments through the stock market. Kelly is always on the prowl for her next opportunity.

Now, to be completely honest, Kelly is often balancing a fine line of professionalism and silliness. You’ve been pre-warned!!!! If she is not helping you with your taxes, looking for the next real estate buy or hot stock to invest in, you may find Kelly creating hilarious videos. Some of her faves include her scaring her husband in the famous “man bod” bathing suit, having her sons Jaeger (3) and Colten (5) attempt a glorious makeup application on her and maybe you caught her most famous viral video, the one where her and her sister Brianne go through the car wash with their windows down. Kelly truly enjoys the idea of capturing moments and fun with video creation and sharing with people to catch a smile.

She’s a woman of many talents. With a myriad of accomplishments, in all its forms, she believes every struggle and every experience has brought her to this point. And she wants to use all her knowledge and experience to help you. Back in her own company. Back with the reigns. On to creating her empire. But who will create this vision with her?

Kelly truly believed that it was important to hire for fit, and train for skill. She needed a few Determined Women (DW’s) much like herself. Rachel Whitlock and Shannon Smith were the perfect match. Personable, motivated and smart. Through some vigorous training and a boat load of fun, together they formed the SheDo Tax Company.

Rachel Whitlock, DW

Rachel is a wife, DW (determined woman) and Mompreneur of 3 living in Caledonia, Ontario.

2 parts bookkeeper, 1 part professional learner, 3 parts surviving motherhood and 2 parts baseball coach. She likes to keep busy!
Rachel is passionate about bringing you excellent customer service, with a smile and creating a memorable interaction with you here, at SheDo Tax. Let’s put the FUN back in “fund$ in your pocket”.

Advanced QuickBooks certified, as well as a skilled and certified tax preparer, she’s been mastering the art of tax prep and filing for family and friends since 2005.

When she isn’t in the office you can find her outdoors with her kiddos, on the baseball diamond with the Diamond Divas, listening to her favorite Audible or relaxing on the lake in Dorset, Ontario.

Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness

Shannon Smith, DW

Meet Shannon.

Like you, she’s just a small-town girl living in a … Oh wait, that’s Journey…

She’s overzealous about food, a caffeine dependent human, chief wife & mother extraordinaire, laughs without holding back, a bit of an old soul, likes ugly things, choco-holic, and a DW (determined woman).

She has over 10 years’ experience in Human & Social Services, Retail & Customer Services, is QuickBooks certified, a professional broadcaster of awesomeness and enjoys developing relationships and making people happy.

Born and raised in Waterford, she remains a resident in the nearby village of Villa Nova. There she appreciates the country lifestyle and likes to unwind with her husband, Brett and 3-year-old daughter, Makinsy. Shannon enjoys camping, drinking wine, watching the Blue Jays, celebrating people’s birthdays (preferably her own), watching reruns of Friends, playing board games, and eating Neapolitan ice-cream.

“I’m not glad it’s “Friday” I’m glad it’s “Today”. Love your life 7 days a week!”