2018 tax season is here! Yippee Ki-yay!

Our first blog. Our first tax season. The SheDo Squad is ready! Are you ready?

As most Canadian taxpayers are aware, most tax slips need to be out in the mail to you by the end of February.

That could mean your t4, your t5, your T4A, a High 5. Your CPP slip, OAS slip, your pink slip, your grandmas slip. Your RRSP receipt, your medical receipt, your Big Mac receipt. Your child care invoice, your dental invoice, my singing voice, the voice of an angel….

Get it? Got it? Good. You need slips. Documents. To file your taxes and to hear my singing voice…questionable.

Once you have all your slips, receipts, invoices and documents you need to file your 2018 tax return, contact us and we will get you on your way to a tax preparation service like no other.

What to expect from us?

A friendly welcome email with a personal checklist to ensure you have remembered to include all your documentation and information that we will need in order to file your taxes correctly. As well as a T183 form that you will need to sign in order for us to file electronically on your behalf to the Canada Revenue Agency.

After that?

Hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

We are determined to work hard (and ever so clever) to ensure you are maximizing your tax return to its full advantage.

We are determined that your experience with us will not only leave you satisfied but maybe even with a little more tax knowledge then what you started with.

We are determined to simply charge a reasonable rate of quality service that will not increase based on the amount of refund you may receive.

We are determined to provide a full virtual tax preparation experience for any busy, hardworking Canadian who may find it inconvenient to get in to see us in our small town office.

We are determined to gain your business year after year for any and all tax needs.

We are very determined. We are determined women.

And very much looking forward to working with you!

Hope to hear from you soon!
The SheDo Squad
Kelly, Rachel and Shannon

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